Roll Call

Because we are an expat group, our ranks are fluid. Over the 7 years of our existence, we have had members from all over the world come and go. Currently, we have two groups. The Ensemble is our core group, made of founding and long-term members. The Rookie Gang is our first graduating class from our new curriculum. As we graduate more teams from our curriculum, our groups will grow and change. Our overall, bigger strategy is to create and nourish a vibrant improv community here in Taichung.

The Ensemble

The ensemble consists of our 'oldest' members and those with the most improv experience. We are well-versed in both short and long forms.

Josh Myers - Founding Member

Most Likely to Scream

Matt Bronsil - Founding Member

Most Likely to Propose Marriage

Kiki Chen

Most Likely to Dance

Ian Bands

Most Likely to Strike a Dramatic Pose

Dennis Dziedzic

Most Likely to call you Timmy